Safety Statements


What is a Safety Statement?

Within any business a Safety Statement is the management’s programme, in writing, for safeguarding health & safety of people involved with the business, particularly employees but also visitors, subcontractors, suppliers and members of the public. It represents the management’s commitment to safety and health, and specifies the manner, the organisation and the resources necessary, for maintaining and reviewing health and safety standards.

There is no such thing as a ‘generalised’ Safety Statement setting out procedures in tablets of stone. Every business operates differently, and has different hazards associated with its activities. A safety statement for a construction company will be different to safety statement for a school. Every business must look at its own activities and manage the risks associated with it accordingly. At B Mac Safety Solutions we have a wealth of experience providing safety solutions to businesses across the country. From our base in Co. Clare we have written Safety Statements for businesses based in the Mid West and as far away as Dublin. We have worked with the Hospitality Industry and the construction industry and with High Volume Manufacturing Multinationals in the Electronics and Pharmaceutical Industries.


Why write a Safety Statement?

Writing a Safety Statement will not in itself prevent accidents (and ill health), but by making safety a priority for any business can accidents and the associated costs be reduced. Every business has a duty of care to all of its stakeholders and by documenting in writing and implementing the contents of the safety statement it can show that it has taken reasonable precaution to prevent accidents and the associated pain and suffering plus costs.

The Safety Statement is also required by law for all employers (The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act. 2005). There is a legal requirement It is enforced by the Health & Safety Authority, who, when doing so, place great emphasis on ensuring that all employers draw up and act on their Safety Statement. There are also penalties in law for failure to have one.


What is contained in the Safety Statement?

Contents of a Safety Statement

A safety statement should contain:

  • A statement of general policy.
  • A list of people in the business with responsibility for safety.
  • How safety is managed in the business.
  • A Risk Assessment.
  • Operating Procedures.
  • Emergency Procedures.


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